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Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt on the Social Media Postings about the so-called "Hantavirus Issue"
We have noticed that there are some postings on the social media about a hantavirus case believed to have been identified in China. Some postings accuse China of "spreading new virus". Such accusations are groundless and irresponsible which we resolutely oppose.
According to documents of the World Health Organization, scientists had identified the hantavirus, as early as in the 1970's. For decades, hantavirus cases appeared in many different regions and countries of the world. Vaccines for the hantavirus are already available.
On the issue of virus, everyone should follow the professional guidance and scientific promulgations of the WHO, rather than politicizing or stigmatizing it. At the critical juncture when the world is fighting against COVID-19, such provocative rumors can only increase people's panic and mislead the public, which will harm the world's fight against COVID-19.
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